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Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a dynamic city with an array of eclectic attractions. It’s also home to several beautiful parks, Hanna Park among them. The park is named after Kathryn Hanna, the second woman to graduate from the Jacksonville Forestry School. The park is a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike. It features a beautiful lake, a rose garden, several picnic spots, and a trellis for climbing. What’s more, it’s located only a few minutes drive from the heart of Jacksonville.

Click Here. Jacksonville, Florida, is home to many historical sites and museums, and Hanna Park is one of them. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the park.

About Kathryn Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a park located on the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville, Florida. It can be found in the northeastern section of Jacksonville, off of Beach Boulevard. Hanna Park offers several amenities, including:

  • 30 miles (48 km) of trails
  • Campgrounds
  • Picnic areas
  • A 1.5 mile (2.4 km) long beach

The park also has several facilities for sports and activities, including:

  • Basketball courts
  • Baseball fields
  • Soccer fields
  • Football fields
  • Tennis courts

Hanna Park also has a nature center with an interactive exhibit hall and several freshwater lakes, including two fishing lakes named Redbug Lake and the much smaller Yellow Water Lake. There are also two playgrounds for children at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. The first is called Adventure Playground and is located near the entrance to the park, while the second one is located near the beach area.

What makes Kathryn Hanna Park stand out?

Kathryn Hanna Park is home to various wildlife and features a bird sanctuary, a pond, and a walking trail. The walking trail is one of the park’s most popular features and is home to many different types of birds attracted to the park by its water bodies and fields.

The pond is home to several kinds of fish, and the walking trail is another popular spot. It winds its way through the wooded areas, the open fields, and the pond. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is also home to the Kathryn Hanna Nature Center, where kids and adults alike can learn more about nature and the environment. The Kathryn Hanna Nature Center offers several programs, events, and classes.

What you need to know about visiting Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Here’s what you need to know about visiting this Florida gem:

Where is Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park?

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is located in Jacksonville near Mayport Naval Station. The address is 500 Wonderwood Dr., Atlantic Beach, FL 32233.

What are the hours?

The park is open from 5 am- 11 pm daily (except on Christmas day).

How much does it cost?

Camping fees range from $20-$40 per night, depending on amenities and site type. Picnic shelters rent for $40 per day or $10 per hour (with a minimum 2-hour rental). Day-use rates are $2 per carload or $1 per person if arriving by bike.

Top 5 reasons to go to Kathryn Hanna Park

1. There are several playgrounds for kids of all ages and a Splash Pad that is open during the summer months.

2. There is ample green space for playing catch, Frisbee, or relaxing in the sun.

3. The park has a walking path that circles the entire park, perfect for a morning or evening walk.

4. Kathryn Hanna Park is home to several events throughout the year, including concerts and movies in the park.

5. It’s a great place to take your dog for a walk!

6. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Cabins

Best time to visit Kathryn Hanna Park

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Kathryn Hanna Park. The park’s walking path is flooded with water, the pond is home to many varieties of fish, and the bird sanctuary is in bloom. The park is also home to many fun and unique educational events, programs, and classes.

Fall is another beautiful time to visit Kathryn Hanna Park. The park is carpeted in vibrant colors, and the pond is at its fullest. You can also check out the nature center’s seasonal activities and programs.

Winter is a great time to visit Kathryn Hanna Park. The park is beautifully decorated for the season, and the pond is covered with ice. You can also check out the nature center’s winter programs, including hands-on winter nature explorations, animal demonstrations, and more.

Final Thought

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend a day outdoors, Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida, is a great option. The park has several different activities to keep you entertained, including a swimming pool, a beach, a playground, and some hiking trails. Next Post.